Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cheap Car Insurance Company

Q: How can i know about best companies that offer cheap car insurance?

A: There are lots of companies that offer you secure and cheap car insurances. you can also search them on the web. These companies offer you a lot of insurance policies depending upon various factors. You must apply for the company that suits you the most. my first

Q: I want to buy my first car with a cheap car insurance and affordable prices. Can someone tell me about some of the cars models?

A: yup, There are various cars companies that also offer you cheap car insurances. You can also search for them online. But make sure that the car must giving the performance of one litre per km. Peaugot, audi, Citroen, corolla, vauxhall etc can suits you the most.

Q: Is it possible that i can pay for the car insurance in installments?

A: Yes, many car insurance companies offer you the insurance policies in lower interest rates and can be paid back monthly or annually. Different companies offer different quotes. So you must try for them online or ask from the car dealers. They will tell you about such companies that offer you cheapest quotes and comparisons of the rates for the car model that you are going to purchase. Progressive and Gieco are the most popular and trustworthy car insurance companies offering cheap car insurance policies monthly or annually what suits you the most.

Q: I used to drive my company car for last 20 yrs or more and never had an accident. But now i am retired and i am going to purchase my own car. will the car insurance company offer me some affordable insurances for buying a new car?

A: Yah, If your company manager gives you a written letter that you had drived the company car for many years without getting any type of accident and proves no claim on you. Then the insurance company will surely offer you some discount on your insurance policy.

Q: Is it possible that any car insurance company raised its quotes without any reason?

A: Yes, it is possible that any insurance company raised its quotes in case you are mistaken in filling the form or you are not driving properly or you are delayed in your payments or more. This will depend upon the variables the company has fixed before giving you the insurance policy. you must ask the insurance agent about the matter. He will surely helps you. Best of luck!


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